Our Approach

Through our highly skilled cross-functional team, acustack helps companies increase the speed of decision making and the effectiveness of their innovation efforts.

Meet the Team

acustack is a cross functional team of professionals, highly skilled and experienced in various areas of innovation science.

Cross-Functional – Single Minded


William Mortimer


With over 35 years of experience in R&D at WL Gore and Associates, Bill has developed a strong track record of driving successful innovation.

Bill holds 17 US patents and over 100 related international patents and filings. Bill has led large cross disciplined global R&D teams with experience in Asia, North America and Europe. With an impressive track record of solving complex challenges for businesses , Bill has decades of experience not just leading technical efforts but also being involved in cross functional activities driving technology development , new process development , new product development and new business development .

These include experiences in industries such as medical devices, bio pharm, electronics, filtration, sealants, electrochemistry and apparel among others. At a high level, the philosophy of proper visionary strategy, people and team selection, cross functional fast learning and knowledge based decision making based on validated data have been the cornerstones of his success.

Mike Hultberg


With over 25 years of experience in leading company operations, Mike believes in a smart risked-based approach toward maximizing the value of an organization as the digital void separating the innovators from the laggards starts to widen.

Mike is credited with “putting the pieces together” and developing critical strategic relationships as Chief Operating Officer of Siegel & Gale (part of the Omnicom Group of companies), a premier global strategy and experience consulting firm servicing clients such as Aetna, American Express, Bloomberg, Hewlett Packard, Motorola, Penske Leasing, Rotary, SAP and YMCA. This allowed Siegel & Gale to more than double its size, significantly increasing margin while still allowing for expansion into new markets such as Shanghai, Beijing, Dubai & Saudi Arabia.

Mike cut his teeth working with many of today’s Fortune 100 companies while at KPMG and with Time Warner, and is a trusted advisor on strategic and operational issues.

Larry Bailin


Larry Bailin is the founder and CEO of Single Throw Marketing, a 40 person marketing agency located in Central NJ. Larry is an award winning executive (named New Jersey’s executive of the year 2014) professional keynote speaker and best-selling author, Larry has been working in the digital marketing space since 1994 and is widely considered a pioneer and pacesetter.

Single Throw is a full service marketing agency, providing a wide array of innovative services that touch all aspects of connecting organizations with customers.

Application development, user behavior, buyer journey mapping, mobile development, web portal and presence development, search engine optimization, social media, conversion enhancement are among the services offered by the highly regarded firm.

Data driven marketing drives outcome while creative driven campaigns drive output. All solutions developed by Single Throw are specifically engineered to produce positive outcomes that lead to the project goal.

Larry Bailin is a world-class consultant, keynote speaker and solution developer. A seasoned professional at identifying innovative paths to the goal.