Eleven ways that firms with fewer resources can leverage Edge Strategies

January 7, 2017 acustackadmin 910 No Comments

AI, robotics, deep learning, automated delivery… how Amazon, Google, Tesla, and startups use these Edge Strategies to punish slower rivals

Plus eleven ways that firms with fewer resources can leverage Edge Strategies, too

By, Jon Nordmark
CEO, Iterate.ai | Chairman, eBags

Elon Musk (Tesla, Solar City, SpaceX); Jeff Bezos (Amazon, BlueOrigin, Washington Post); Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook); Larry Page (Google, Alphabet). All are CEOs. All are entrepreneurs. All remain disruptive. All are Edge Strategists.

Each operates a core business that has “about-faced” an entire industry … or two. Each continues to invent at the Edge, ignoring old-fashioned industry boundaries. The “former Google, Inc.” operates 11 core subsidiaries: Deep Mind, Access, GoogleX, Jigsaw, Calico, Google, G Ventures, Google Capital, Self-Driving Car Projects, Sidewalk Labs, Nest, Google, Verily. Entities like Youtube live beneath Google itself, two layers down. Google invests in and acquires startups — like Deep Mind and YouTube — to build this ecosystem.


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