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Assessment of organizational competencies, methodologies and rapid. accurate decision making processes.



Innovation,  market strategy, insights, data structures and market readiness.


Marketing, branding and establishing new technology, platforms. ROI measurement and refinement strategies.

Stacking Vital Layers

acustack services are designed specifically to monetize innovation within a layered organization.

Stacking vital layers of relevant data across multiple team structures, in order to gain critical acuity into all relevant aspects of an organizations assets and challenges.

Acuity-Stacking is a proprietary process in which acustack can affect structural change and accelerate monetization points for an organization.

acustack provides process assessment and performance improvement across a wide array of innovation related activities. Our services incorporate a wide variety of disciplines including, machine learning / artificial intelligence, corporate readiness, process improvement, rapid innovation structure, R&D, brand marketing, customer alignment and data utilization.

Our Services

From pre-launch to post, we continuously use real-time data analytics to not only predict results but prescribe outcomes.

We will leverage your existing assets, including customers, vendors, employees, processes, products, brands and technology, and technologies of others, to increase your innovation effectiveness.

We are a cross functional team to lead you to successful innovation through better collaboration.

With a simple process to increase the speed of decision making, you will increase ROI by allocating human and financial resources to those initiatives that have greatest commercial potential.

Sustain growth through continuous innovation thereby maximizing profits, enterprise value and brand equity.

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